Josep Matamoros, postgraduate in Mobile Application Design and Programming and #SpinUOC 2018 finalist

"In the last four years as a solo entrepreneur, I've given up everything to get where I am now."

Josep Matamoros, with his Monstrid Pathmaker project, will be one of the eight participants in #SpinUOC 2018

Josep Matamoros, with his Monstrid Pathmaker project, will be one of the eight participants in #SpinUOC 2018

Another year sees another #SpinUOC, the UOC’s annual entrepreneurship and innovation event. We’ve spoken to one of the eight participants in the event, which will be held on 14 June in Barcelona. Josep Matamoros, student on the Master's Degree in Video Game Design and Development, gives us some more details about his project. 

By Marian Antón

“My project is a revolution in platform video games as it offers multi-device portability.”

What is Monstrid Pathmaker?

A revolution in platform video games as it solves the difficulty of playing this type of video game on mobile devices, in other words, it provides platform video games with multi-device portability. This is thanks to an innovative way of playing that gets rid of the need to use a game command. In this new system, which I call the “Pathmaker”, unlike current platform video games where the player moves a character through various scenarios, making them pick up objects and face enemies, the character moves alone thanks to the device’s artificial intelligence, and all the player has to do is create a scenario that lets them advance successfully across the screen.

How did you get the idea? 

It all began after I had two failed attempts with two video games for mobile devices that I published with my start-up KENDAIGAMES, S.L.U. It was a highly saturated market and I needed to get notices when I published the game. That led me to think that I needed to design a video game that would be innovative. First, I thought of doing it in the most successful genre in the history of video games, platform video games. From there, the turning point came along, because I imagined myself playing and I thought, “What if I switch the roles around? What if I make it so it’s not the players who move the character, but I give that control to the game?” That made me see that, this way, players could devote themselves to creating the scenario (the platforms in video game slang).

Who might it be for?

The multi-device portability of the game helps reduce developers’ production costs because there’s no need to modify the source code or create new versions to adapt it, and it will take platform video games both to the players who only play on this type of device and to the ones who usually play them on a computer or console.

What would you highlight most about it?

At last, you can play platform video games just by sliding your finger across the screen or moving the mouse; it’s as simple as that.

Why did you decide to enter SpinUOC?

Even though I was a UOC student, I was so caught up in my course that I didn’t know this programme existed. It was at the Barcelona Games World where I went up to the UOC stand and told the professors about my personal situation and the project. They told me that I should enrol. From then on, it’s all been incredible. I’d never have imagined how everything would change after that.

How did you learn that you were one of the finalists?

I was studying at home and I saw a mail from Hubbik, which read “Congratulations Josep! Your Monstrid Pathmaker project has been selected as one of the finalists of the 2018 SpinUOC programme”, and I automatically thought of calling my partner, and it took us about a minute before we could say anything at all because we were recalling all the ups and downs we’d had together these last few years.

What does this award mean to you?

Being a finalist has helped me confirm that the idea is indeed a good one and that this time there are more guarantees of success. All the work I’m doing with the Hubbik team and Ubik, as well as the mentoring, has been key to defining the product and making business plan better.


How are you preparing for the final presentation?

My daily life now is divided into two parts: in the morning I’m working on my final project for the Master’s in Video Game Design and Development, which I’ll finish in July, and in the afternoons, I work exclusively on all the SpinUOC activities. Right now, to practice my speech, I'm just repeating it over and over again. And to “switch off”, every evening I go for a walk with my partner for at least an hour, and I give her my talk once to practise.

Imagine you’re in front of the jury of experts now. Why should your project come true?

Firstly, because players deserve the chance to be able to experience a new way of playing. Finally, because it would be recognition of all the hard work I’ve put in these last four years as a solo entrepreneur, because I’ve given up everything to get where I am now.

Highlighted: #SpinUOC 2018 will be held on 14 June – from 7 pm – at the former Estrella Damm brewery (C. Rosselló, 515, Barcelona). If you’d like to attend, register at this link.