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It's time to enrol!

06   July   2017

 If you have the marks in your academic record you can now enrol.

From 6 to 20 July for official qualifications (bachelor's degrees and master’s courses).
The semester begins on 20 September.

From 20 to 27 July for certain university master’s degrees.
The semester will begin on 18 October for certain master’s degrees.

You cannot enrol yet if...

  • You do not have all the final marks in your academic record.
  • You have requested a review of the final assessment tests or a modification to the academic record and you are still awaiting the decision.

To enrol you should go to Secretary’s Office / Enrolment where you can also:

  • Make an approximate calculation of how much the enrolment fee will be.
  • Consult the different Payment options including split payment or an interest-free loan.
  • Find out whether you are entitled to any grant, discount or financial assistance.
  • Find out about the free insurance should you become unemployed or suffer an accident during the semester.

Charitable enrolment

If you would like to make a donation to finance cooperation and development actions being promoted by the University, mark the UOC donation option when you enrol (donation of 10 euros). During the 2016/2017 academic year, thanks to student donations, charitable enrolment totalled 28,086 euros.

The learning resources

By default, they are offered in digital format. You can access them from your classroom or at Secretary’s Office / Materials / My materials.

However, some courses have materials in physical format which will be sent by post. In this case, their dispatch may be obligatory or optional. For official courses, they will be dispatched progressively from 28 August onwards.

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