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Advice for new graduates

04   July   2017

If you are finishing official studies, your academic record will automatically be closed and from 13 July you will receive a notification telling you that you can now request the certificate.

Forward your UOC email address to an account you consult regularly to keep up to date with important information, such as the issue of the certificate or the holding of graduation ceremonies.

What is UOC Alumni?

You can join the Alumni if you have obtained a qualification with 30 credits or more.

On the UOC Alumni website you will find full details of the services, classified into four main areas: professional career, updates, networking, entrepreneurship.

All graduates have basic access which includes the job bank and a vocational guidance service.

You can access the Premium Service for an annual fee of 60 euros. This services offers access to benefits such as: mentoring and personalized guidance, training discounts and access to webinars, workshops, conferences, etc., on sector-based or cross-cutting topics for professionals. It also includes access to Library resources and databases such as the Aranzadi database, which specializes in jurisprudence.

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