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Two Student Council representatives describe their impressions of the latest Alumni event

25   July   2017

During the last academic year, as well as actively participating in the meetings to improve the University, student representatives have attended various institutional acts organized by the UOC.

Now that the year has finished, we talked to two representatives who attended the annual UOC Alumni conference to get their impression:

José Luis Samitier
UOC Student Council representative

“It was the first time I have participated in the Alumni event and I was impressed by both the form and the content. The script (the 4th Industrial Revolution and talent) was very appropriate and the speeches by alumni David Serrano, Joan Clotet and Lourdes Muņoz presented the personal perspective of a UOC graduate.

A special mention to Alfons Cornella, whose speech was very interesting and entertaining. I should add that the Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia I studied is closely related to the subject area chosen, and for this reason it was easy for me to follow. The only negative aspect I would highlight was the lack of respect shown by some of the attendees, who left the event while our President was giving his final speech.”

Montserrat Sānchez
Coordinator of the UOC Student Council

As a current student of the Bachelor's Degree in Communication, I thought it would be a good idea to accept the invitation to gain an overview of the choices facing students once we finish our studies.

I was particularly pleased with the combination of social gathering and educational event with the talks that were included in the programme, which I found interesting and entertaining. This event has increased my desire to learn about its organizational model and consider whether there are strategies for exchange and collaboration between graduates and students.

Alumni Barcelona 2017

In July, 485 people attended the latest UOC Alumni conference, which focused on talent and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Relive the act with all the material from the event: video chronicle, complete videos of the speeches, photo gallery and Storify site, available via this link (news) 

The Student Council

It is the students' highest representative, consultative and advisory body. Student representatives from all the course committees sit on it. Its objective is to provide a channel for expressing students' aspirations, requests and proposals, and its function is to promote, coordinate and defend their concerns, rights and interests. More information in the My representatives section of Campus.

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