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The UOC to unveil a new Virtual Campus in September

29   June   2017

From 6 September, the Virtual Campus will have an updated interface with the new corporate branding and be more accessible and adapted to mobile devices. All the improvements have been developed in collaboration with over a hundred students

What changes will I see next September?

When you sign in to the Campus on 6 September, you'll see a new home page with an updated and responsive design, ie one that can adapt to any kind of screen.

You will also find changes to the information available and the way the contents are organized. This new layout is designed to make it easier to find information and has taken into account the needs of students.

The Campus's main menu buttons have been simplified; some of the current sections will disappear, such as Secretary's Office, Community or Services, and other new ones will appear.

When teaching starts, the new design will also be found in the classrooms, though the way they work and their different options will remain the same.

Over a hundred students have taken part in defining the new Campus

The Campus's new information architecture is the result of user-centred design methods. Each phase of the project has involved tests with students to ensure that the proposals responded to their needs.

6 September is a key date, but not the end date for this project.

The UOC has already started work on defining the improvements that will need to be introduced in the next phase, which will be unveiled in February 2018. This next phase will involve a radical change to the home page's underlying technology and allow for greater customization and growth at the University. We'll provide more details soon.

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