The UOC card

The UOC university student card is sent to all students enrolled on an official university course (undergraduate degrees, diplomas, engineering degrees, bachelor's degrees, university Master's and doctorates), on UOC-specific postgraduate courses (Master's, postgraduate courses and specialisations), at the Centre for Modern Languages or to students enrolled on open courses.

The card identifies you as UOC university students. This gives you access to discounts and benefits that institutions and companies offer university students in general, such as admission to museums or the use of library loan services at other universities with which the UOC has an agreement.

The card will be sent within a maximum of two months after the first time you enrol with the UOC. It is therefore very important that you enter your submission details correctly in the Personal area / Personal Information / Personal details and delivery.

The card is valid for a year and is renewed automatically if, on its renewal date you are still enrolled on one of these courses.

The UOC card is sent automatically to the students' address after the initial enrolment.

The UOC card is made from biodegradable PVC and is printed using a waterless system containing no volatile organic chemical elements and is therefore non-polluting. When you enrol and have access to the student profile, you will be able to find all the information on the card in the Personal area / Personal Information / Student Card.